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Setting up your website template:

Step 1:
Open the "flash.txt" file with Notepad and change "Your Website Title" to match your name or company name. Be sure not to delete the "logo=". Also change the "&slogan= Your corporate slogan or phrase can go here..." to match your slogan. Be sure not to delete the "&slogan=". Then you can edit the three "&textlines" with whatever words you want to show up on your page. This will change the Flash logo on all pages. If you wish to use a graphic logo, there are instructions later in this document.

Step 2:
Open the "copyright.js" file in Notepad or any text editor and change the "Your Name or Company" and "" lines to match your information. This will change the lower page info on all pages.

Step 3:
Open the "contact.js" file in Notepad or any text editor and change the company name, address, phone number and e-mail address. This will change contact info on the "contact" and "custom work" pages.

Step 4:
If you are setup with an AllWebCo hosting account. Go to your control panel at "" and install the free script "Formail" then edit the contact page and replace "" with your domain. There is a thank you page included.

If you are not set up with AllWebCo hosting or do not have "Formail" installed. You can either setup the contact form to use another contact script, install "Formail" on your server or you can remove the contact form from the pages between the comment tags.

If you wish to change the sizes of the form elements you can open the "coolstyle.css" in Notepad or any text editor and change the ".shadeform" ".textarea" and ".dropdown" width numbers.

Step 5:
Because this template includes a slideshow, the best way to setup the pictures in the gallery and the slide show at the same time is not to actually edit the HTML pages and change the pictures on each individual page. The fastest way is to simply replace the pictures in the "gallery" directory with your own by overwriting the files that are in there now and using the same generic names.

Replace the 54 "Fgallery" pictures in the "gallery" directory with full size photos. Replace the 54 "gallery" pictures with your thumbnails. The thumbnails are now 100 x 70 pixels but you can make them any size that you prefer.

Replace the 6 "front-pic" icons with your own pictures. These are used for navigation.

Replace the "about.jpg", "clients.jpg", "custom.jpg" and "contact.jpg" with your own pictures. Replace the "main.jpg" with your own picture however, try to keep the left side black and keep the size the same to maintain the index page integrity. If you don't want to use black, you can edit the "coolstyle.css" in Notepad and change the ".picturebar { background-color:#000000 }". Change the "000000" to a new color. Refer to the standard color chart.

The size of the pop-up window when you click a gallery picture for a close up is set at 550 x 450. You can change the size by editing the pop-closeup.js in Notepad. Look for "var view_width = 550" and "var view_height = 450" and edit with your sizes. Make the height large enough so the close button is displayed. You can also turn on the pop-up scrollbars. Change "scrollbars=0" to "scrollbars=1".

Step 6:
Change the text on all pages to match your information. You can use a text editor like Notepad, Frontpage, Dreamweaver or any wysiwyg editor. Take care not to delete any of the HTML tags that surround the text. You will find notes inside each page to help you navigate. NOTE: You will not see the footer and header in some software because they are .js include files so you can globally edit your e-mail and other info.

Step 7:
Open each of the pages and change the page titles (at the very top of the page) and also the description and the keywords to match your product or service. You can edit one page and copy and paste to the other pages. Be careful to only change what's inside the " " so you don't disturb the html code. Keywords are very important so your site will get a good listing at google or msn and other search engines.

Step 8:
Upload the pages on to your hosting company's server using ftp software like CuteFTP or Coffee Cup (free) or your control panel. Be sure to make a directory called picts on your server and put the pictures into that directory.


You can replace the Flash logo with a graphic logo. To do this, delete or rename the "header.js" and the "header_index.js", then rename the "graphic_logo_header.js" to "header.js" and the "graphic_logo_header_index.js" to "header_index.js". In the picts directory you will find a graphic called "logo.gif" and a graphic called "logo_index.gif". Edit these two graphics with your logo. It's best to keep the graphics the same sizes that they are now unless you edit the height and width numbers in the new "header.js" and "header_index.js".

The slideshow is currently setup to display all 54 pictures in the gallery directory. If you would like to add or remove pictures from the slideshow, open the slideshow.htm in Notepad and look for the "EDIT THIS AREA" note. Copy and paste to add new pictures to the list, or delete lines to remove pictures. You can also set the AutoPlay speed. Look for "var rotate_delay = 3000".

The size of the pop-up slideshow window is set at 550 x 450 pixels. If you have large pictures, you can change the size by editing the pop-closeup.js in Notepad. Look for "var slideshow_width = 550" and "var slideshow_height = 450" and edit these numbers until the slideshow is a good size for your pictures. You can also turn on the slideshow pop-up scrollbars. Change "scrollbars=0" to "scrollbars=1".

You can change your font colors and sizes by editing the "coolstyle.css" with a text editor. You can find other font colors by clicking here. You can also change the font sizes in the "coolstyle.css" file. Change the "TABLE" px size to change the copy on all pages. Change the "title" px size to change all the title sizes.

You can change the names of the links like "about" or "custom work" to other page names by editing the "menu.js". Only change the one instance of the name and not the name with the ".htm" after it. Whatever you change in the menu.js will change every page on the website. Keep the names short so they don't go outside the menu. You can even add more pages by copying one link in the menu.js and pasting it right below the next. Be sure to back up your file before you edit them. There are instructions in the "menu.js" if you need room for more links.

You can add pages to your website by copying and pasting any one of the pages and renaming it to whatever you need. You can then add links from the other pages or the gallery. There are notes in the gallery pages to help you copy and paste to add more pictures and more galleries. There are 131 pictures and only 8 or 10 that you won't need to edit. You will find all pictures in the "picts" and "gallery" directories. Be sure to back up your files before you edit them.

You can have your pictures link to paypal so visitors can purchase them. Forms have been created in the "FORMgallery?.htm" pages so it's easier to setup. It will not create a shopping cart, however visitors will be able to purchase a single print or picture from you.
STEP 1: Set up a paypal account and get the HTML code you need to setup purchases from your site. You will need the info between the "<form>" and "</form>" tags from paypal.

STEP 2: Rename all the "FORMgallery?.htm" pages to "gallery?.htm" pages maintaining their respective gallery numbers. For example, rename "FORMgallery1.htm" to "gallery1.htm".

STEP 3: Edit all the new gallery?.htm pages and replace the "form" info with your new Paypal "form" info. There is a thank you page included.

NOTE: you can change the "INPUT TYPE="TEXT" to INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" for the amount so that part of the form won't show on the pages. Also, note that the "<form>" tag is between the "<tr>" and the "<td>" tags. It's best to keep them there so the pages look better.